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BlacKkKlansman (2018)

BlacKkKlansman is a movie starring John David Washington, Adam Driver, and Laura Harrier. Ron Stallworth, an African American police officer from Colorado Springs, CO, successfully manages to infiltrate the local Ku Klux Klan branch...

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The Synopsis for BlacKkKlansman (2018) 720p

Director Spike Lee's drama was produced by the team behind Get Out and offers another provocative exploration of American race relations. In the midst of the 1970s civil rights movement, Ron Stallworth (John David Washington) becomes the first black detective on the Colorado Springs Police Department. He sets out to prove his worth by infiltrating the local chapter of the Ku Klux Klan and convinces his Jewish colleague (Adam Driver) to go undercover as a white supremacist.

The Director and Players for BlacKkKlansman (2018) 720p

[Role:]Laura Harrier
[Role:]John David Washington
[Role:]Adam Driver
[Role:Director]Spike Lee
[Role:]Topher Grace

The Reviews for BlacKkKlansman (2018) 720p

Can I put bad review and not be labeled as racist?Reviewed bykasparslabaisVote: 5/10


But seriously can I put bad review and not be labeled as racist? FIRST! I did like acting power from most of the cast (really good job), it was filmed in appealing style, and it had its funny moments.

So why 5 stars?

1. Biggest reason is how this movie was adverted. I went to cinema with absolute different vibe and expectations and because of that I could not enjoy movie right after 15-20 min when I felt it isn't what it tried to sell me. 2. Movie did not bring anything new to the table. It has solid (really good) acting, but it seemed like I'm watching cut-scenes from different movies and put together.3. It has bad mix between comedy and serious parts. Maybe jokes are too rare or to plain, but it makes you struggle to understand what was directors intentions? 4. End scenes (this is kinda spoiler, so will not say what was in it) felt really biased and ruined last bits of movie, because it felt too much out of place. It made me feel like all what trailers wanted is me to spend my money and see end scenes of directors views.

I don't mind more political movies, but I felt tricked and movie itself wasn't that good.

I don't want to spoil movie, so I would have more to say, but then it goes in discussion of certain scenes.

Incredible true story comes with a lot of fictional baggageReviewed bytkmcc-08780Vote: 6/10

There's much good about this movie, starting with Ron Stallworth's incredible deception of the Klu Klux Klan. Racism in all its ugliness is powerfully shown. There's a lot of humor at the expense of some really dumb people. Unfortunately, there's a lot wrong with the movie too. Most of this is because the director embellished the true story. I'm not a big fan of directors tinkering with what really happened in order to add their own touch, and then still claim "based on a true story".The result of the tinkering is a very uneven movie, particularly in the apparently "easy" parts of infiltrating the KKK and the "hard" parts where things go wrong. The "easy" parts are, remarkably, mostly the true story. Apparently this wasn't dramatic enough, so a lot of fictional "hard" parts were added to build tension including whole characters and situations. That's bad enough, but the added parts often made no sense, such as having no real origin (like one character's intense suspicions) and no resolution to the dilemma presented - they just seem to go away, are forgotten or have no effect on the inevitable story arc. Many seem to have been thrown in only to make already duped people look even more ridiculous. The characters themselves are, with a few exceptions, just caricatures. It's not hard to figure out what's next since they do exactly what you expect.Eventually the movie just got boring since it all moved to an inevitable and very easy to see end. Ultimately, the movie is maybe an hour of an amazing true and humorous story marred by over an hour of superfluous and poorly executed fiction.

An entertaining ride through some harrowing materialReviewed bysecondtakeVote: 7/10

BlacKkKlansman (2018)

The problem with this movie is exactly why Spike Lee made it: it is political activism. It's well made and a decent bit of storytelling with good acting and a strong underlying story. But it overtly pushes its message, and makes no effort to hide that. But this isn't a Michael Moore documentary. This is a film based on a true story, with actors and some embellishments. And it pushes the obvious, clichés and all. It does this not only in the end and beginning, which are bookends that announce their message, but also in the story itself, by keeping it simple to the point of simplistic. So if you get the story, and even if you empathize completely with the message, the effect as a movie, as a feature film out to create drama and move and shape you, this effect is flimsy and false. Yes, false even, because you know a grittier, more complicated truth must be there. You do end up thinking of director Spike Lee's other films here, like the brilliant "Malcolm X" and its own historical reconstruction, or "Do the Right Thing" with its more fictional immersion and conviction. And this one, "BlacKkKlansman," is less lyrical even though it is quite well filmed, and less moving even though built on compelling facts. The conventional core of the movie is good (and sometimes fun and funny), with the infiltration of some KKK types (made generally caricatures to the point of being almost comic, which is a shame). However, the last scenes with all the high fives might drive you crazy, and the documentary footage will make you realize there are more penetrating things out there than the movie you just watched. It's good, I'm glad I saw it, but it's half of what it could have been. And half of what Lee has pulled off in the past.

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